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28 Apr 2016 11:54 AM, Tidings Shweta Dobra

N H P C Ltd. announced offer for sale

Offered 1,25,76,27,941 equity shares for sale

The President of India, acting through and represented by the Ministry of Power, Government of India, promoter of ‘N H P C Ltd.’ offered equity shares for sale on 27 April 2016. A total of 1,257,627,941 equity shares of face value of Rs. 10 each were offered for sale by the promoters of the company. The equity shares offered for sale constituted 11.36 per cent of the paid up equity share capital of the company.

An offer for sale is a way by which the promoters of the company sell the shares held by them. This offer takes place on a separate window of the stock exchanges. This offer is open only for a single trading day. The seller may or may not disclose the floor price of the offer. In case, the seller wishes to disclose it, he/she has to declare it after the market trading hours.

The offer for sale for Non-Retail Investors took place on 27 April 2016. Retail Investors as well as Non-Retail Investors who choose to carry forward their bids can avail of the offer on 28 April 2016. The offer took place on a separate window of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE). The floor price of the Offer shall be Rs. 21.75 per equity share of the company.

‘N H P C Ltd.’ was incorporated in the year 1975. It belongs to the industry group ‘Electricity generation’ and the main product/service group of the company is ‘Hydro electricity’ in Prowess.

Information on offer for sale by companies can be obtained in Prowess using either the ‘Changes in Equity Capital’ report in the report viewer or by running a query in the ‘Changes in Capital’ query trigger. Each of these also provide a lot of additional information such as capital issue type, security type, capital issue date, face value, premium per equity, etc.

Information on the incorporation year, main product/service group and industry group can be obtained in Prowess using the ‘Identity Indicators’ query trigger. The query trigger also provides additional information the NIC code, CIN code, ownership group, NSE symbol, BSE group, BSE scrip code, ROC registration number, entity type, etc.