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23 May 2016 5:05 PM, Tidings Pooja Menon

Gloster Ltd. issues bonus shares

Record date: 23 May 2016

‘Gloster Ltd.’ announced issue of bonus shares on 20 May 2016. The bonus shares will be issued in the proportion of one bonus equity share for every one equity share held by its shareholders. The company fixed 23 May 2016 as the record date for the purpose of issuing the bonus shares.

Record date is the date set by a company for the purpose of determining the shareholders’ eligibility to receive the bonus shares. Those investors who hold the shares of the company on the record date are eligible for bonus shares.

The face value of the equity shares of the company is Rs. 10. Post the issue, the outstanding shares of the company increased to 1,04,66,880 shares thereby increasing the total paid up capital of the company to Rs. 104.6 million.

‘Gloster Ltd.’ was incorporated in the year 1992. The main product/service group of the company is ‘Jute & jute products’ and the industry group of the company is ‘Other textiles’ in Prowess. The company is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

Information about bonus issues by companies can be obtained in Prowess using either the ‘Changes in Equity Capital’ report in the report viewer or by executing a query in the ‘Changes in Capital’ query trigger. Each of these provide a lot of additional information pertaining to the bonus issue such as capital issue type, security type, capital issue date, the numerator and the denominator of the ratio, ex-bonus price, ex-bonus date and returns on the ex-bonus date.